Surviving The Holidays During Pandemic.

It’s difficult to comprehend how much this pandemic has affected our families in so many ways. The distance from our loved ones, the threat of covid-19, and the conflicting views around pandemic has significantly impacted our families. For so many of us this coming holiday will look a lot different. Attending to a Christmas party or celebrating New Year’s Eve itself might cause a lot of anxiety. For some of us, we’re walking away from 2021 with loss of loved ones due to pandemic. In this blog I hope to provide you a few tips in how to navigate the stressors of celebrating the holidays while COVID-19 is still around.


  1. Respect your comfort level: What are you comfortable doing during this season? For so many, there are external pressures to celebrate this holiday in a certain way. It’s good to have a conversation with your immediate family about what your comfort level is during this season. It’s best not to give in to social pressures and expectations which might cause you resentment and conflict. Respect your comfort level and boundaries.
  1. Avoid the unending debate: So many families are torn apart by the unproductive discussion about COVID-19 and many are on the cusp of losing close relationships during this holiday. It might be helpful to pause and think about the gains we’re getting out of the unproductive conversation around this pandemic. Think of what this will do to your family, your future relationships, and what will your life and relationships be like once this pandemic is over? If you’re uncomfortable around certain people, make a conscious decision to avoid bringing up topics that are emotionally charged.
  1. This too shall pass: As damaging and hopeless these past two years have been, I want you to know that we will rise above this just like we did in the previous calamities and pandemics. Keeping this mindset will help you stay mentally fit during this time.
  2. Celebrate with technology: Over the past two years we have used technology for work, talk to our loved ones, even watched movies together online. Why not use technology to celebrate this special season together? Remember, this pandemic will not go on forever. But while it’s still around, we can use technology to see our loved ones and celebrate with them this special season.

What we need the most during this time is unity and love toward each other. We need to respect each other’s comfort level and avoid demanding each other to be in a certain way. Each person is dealing with this pandemic in the best way they can. I hope that we can remain sensitive to others and help make this world safer and happier for each other. Remember, this too shall pass.

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