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We are a group of clinicians highly committed to your mental health needs.

We strive to create a secure and nurturing environment for healing, growth, and positive. We treat each client's unique story with utmost respect, dignity, and professionalism. We reject any shame-based approaches to motivate transformation.

Our Therapy Approach


We understand that stigma and shame prevent many from seeking mental health services. Therefore, we work hard to remove any obstacles and create a welcoming, honest, and warm space that will allow you to be yourself without having a sense of guilt or shame. We genuinely believe that everyone can benefit from mental health services.


While we are professionally trained in the field of mental health, it does not give us the license to decide for our clients. We are cognizant of this fact, and we work hand-in-hand with our clients to collaborate in our therapeutic goals and progress. We do not use shame tactics to motivate our clients to make changes. 


We encourage our clients to come up with some practical and hopeful steps that are realistic to their situation. For example, when treating anxiety, depression, and other issues, we focus on the presenting challenges and formulate a solution tailored to the challenges at hand. 

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