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Romantic relationships can be challenging at times, and it is normal to have bumps along the road. However, sometimes those bumps become a pattern and lead to more significant problems. The main goal of relationship therapy is to strengthen the relationship between partners and to help deepen their understanding of each other.


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What brings most couples to therapy?

Intimate relationships can be complicated, and it can be normal to have bumps along the road. However, sometimes those bumps go around in circles, leading to more significant problems. 

The main goal of Relationship Therapy is to strengthen the relationship between partners and to help deepen their understanding of each other.

Issues contributing to relationship problems include miscommunication, conflicts with family or children, numbing behavior, and anger mismanagement. In addition, expectations in relationships can shift the longer a partnership continues, and sometimes partners can forget that people are individuals before they are significant others.

Common Issues Couples Face

The benefits of seeking Relationship Therapy.

Relationship Therapy helps couples address the patterns and behaviors that negatively affect the relationship and uncover other factors that could be causing this impact. 

Relationship Therapy can be an effective way to discover more about your partner, learn healthier communication methods, and learn more about developing a creative and supportive environment.

Receiving therapy for couples can offer the following benefits.

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Our Approach

What techniques do we use in Relationship Therapy?

Each couple is unique; therefore, their therapy goals are tailored to their specific circumstances. For example, some couples are conflict avoidant and may benefit from learning assertiveness communication training and expressing their needs in a healthy manner. On the other hand, other couples may experience too much conflict and need helpful tools to de-escalate and reduce unproductive arguments.


Our therapists also explore the role of family dynamics and upbringing as they significantly impact the couple’s relationship. Finally, we provide couples with helpful tools to use outside the therapy session so that they can feel empowered in their progress. 

Mentionable treatment approaches we use in Relationship Therapy.

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Common Questions

  • Working through the defensiveness and hurts.
  • Couples hearing each other in a supportive manner.
  • Couples finding hope and healing.
  • Therapist observing communication patterns in the session.
  • Therapist disrupting the unhealthy dynamic and offering input for alternative ways of relating.

The most common problem in marriage is lack of communication. Often times married people get stuck in an unhealthy pattern of communication that causes pain for both partners. In couples therapy, in a supportive manner, we help clients see their part in the relationship dysfunction and teach them to relate to each other in a healthy manner. When working with issues of infidelity, addiction, and financial challenges, we provide clients with concrete homework to apply outside therapy.

The initial phase of a marriage relationship is full of mad love and infatuation. Each partner is more than willing to compromise and tolerate the other person. However, it is during this time, while both partners are willing to change that great habits and marriage culture is created. In pre-marital counseling, the couple is encouraged to look at each other’s differences and have a sense of clarity in what they expect from each other. Issues of physical intimacy, finance, conflict resolution, and communication issues are discussed. we use an assessment tool to highlight areas needing clarity and conversation. The role of pre-marital counseling is to help couples start their marriage strong with realistic expectations from each other.

Presently we are in network with AetnaBlue Cross Blues Shield (PPO), and Cigna Behavioral Health. Clients also use their HSA Card or pay out-of-pocket for their session. See full description about insurance by clicking on the question.

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Therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes.  Clients typically meet on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on the client’s needs. 

Fee: $175 for initial session and $150 the following sessions. Read more about the fees here.

  • Increase awareness of differences and similarities.
  • Develop a culture of openness to discuss difficult topics.
  • Enhance communication skills.
  • Clarify misunderstandings and expectations.
  • Therapist observing communication patterns in the session.

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