Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Are you a therapist feeling overwhelmed by questions about your clients or unsure if you’re on the right track in your sessions? If so, supervision and consultation can provide the support you need.

Supervision & Consultation

"You can only take your clients as far as you are willing to go yourself."

Research emphasizes that therapists can only guide their clients as far as they are willing to grow personally. While it’s easy to get stuck in CBT and other formulaic approaches, deep therapy demands that we confront our own challenges.


In supervision and consultation, you’ll explore transference, countertransference, how clients can trigger us, and effective responses. Therapists can perform at their best through reflection and self-awareness and prevent burnout.

Benefits of Clinical Supervision

David Panahi, LCPC

David Panahi, LCPC, EMDR

My psychotherapy approach is eclectic and evidence-based. When collaborating with therapists, I aim to expand their perspectives to view issues holistically. 

Through years of consulting with fellow clinicians on my own work challenges, I’ve learned to appreciate and offer a secure environment for those seeking my supervision and consultation services.

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If you’re interested in supervision and consultation, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with me. As spots are limited, I choose to work with therapists with whom I believe there’s a good fit.

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