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Adolescents in therapy get an opportunity to grow into the best version of themselves. Therapy tends to focus on fully understanding the teen’s world and its barriers. Oftentimes, teens are limited in their language to express their concerns. 


Therapy can be a great space to teach communication of feelings, work on problem-solving skills, and collaborate with parents to equip them with skills needed to help their teens.

What brings teens to therapy?

Teen Therapy Benefits

The teenage years are full of challenges for teens and stressful for their parents. Nowadays, teens face many new pressures, such as toxic social media exposure, early experimentation with drugs and alcohol, and unhealthy peer pressure. But, also, some struggles teens face are a normal part of growing up. At times, teens and their families may need extra support and guidance to help them navigate through any challenges.


Teen therapy is a space for teens to express their thoughts and feelings and learn new coping skills to communicate better, learn emotional regulation, and create new strategies to adjust to changes. Keeping a teenager engaged and talking is a primary goal of development. If your teen has not been sharing their thought and feelings with you, it may be a sign that they need to talk to someone other than their parents. Often therapy provides teens with an unbiased arena to vent their frustration and learn new strategies to manage their problems. Our goal is to come alongside you and help your teen feel empowered to be their best self.

Our Approach

We are in this together.

Let’s face it. It takes a village to empower and help young people grow into the best version of themselves. At times, parents are overwhelmed with the internal and external expectations to be perfect parents. In reality, we know that parenting a teenager can be challenging and overwhelming. Therapy is a great resource where you can collaborate with us in giving your teen the support they need. Some benefits of teen counseling are the following:

During the session, we will meet your teen where they are at. We do not use shaming or pressure to motivate teens to change their behavior. Instead, our effort is to focus on building a safe relationship where your teen can feel supported.

Warning signs of teens going through rough times.

teen therapy

What should your teen expect from our therapist?​

You can expect an environment of non-judgmental and supportive. Your therapist will guide you in therapy but will not tell you what to do. We value your autonomy and ability to make decisions that will enrich your life and help you grow as a person.

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